• Visa Everywhere Initiative: Women’s Global Edition

    Unlocking the potential of women entrepreneurs globally to catalyse change and social impact.

    Submissions close 14 April 2019

women entrepreneurs posed together and seated

Illustration: Visa credit card partially overlaid with light bulb.

Sara Rodell.
Amparo Navarrete.
Dr. Olga Oleinikova.
Ying Zheng.
Rania Helal.
Mariliis Mia Topp.
Rica Elysee.
Nga Pham.

Developers with laptop, tablets and mobile phones seated around table discussing ideas.
Woman presenting Visa card for contactless payment.
Three people sitting and having a conversation with San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace in the background.


Women entrepreneurs may receive increased attention from the press and other sources as they engage with one of the world’s leading payment companies


VEI can be the starting point for lasting partnerships and the opportunity for women entrepreneurs and Visa to innovate together


Visa provides mentorship and expert advice on the payments industry

Prize Money

Two Final Global winners will each receive $100,000 USD